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Vlinders & C° presents:


+ 2.5 and family

Crazy object performance

A unique and funny storyline

Acrobatic and thrilling space flights with a customized UFO

Wordless performance suitable for all ages

Creative use of objects and puppets to convey the story

Multimedia effects with live camera and recorded clips

Engaging and modern for children of our time.


Far out in space, Znork lives on the planet Znap. Even on his own planet, he is very special. He prefers to make acrobatic flights with his pimped UFO. He decides to fly to Earth. Things don't go as planned... Will he ever get back on Znap after a crash that completely destroys his UFO? You can see that for yourself in “Znork”. His crazy and super funny adventures are in a wordless performance with "a very unearthly space doll" and countless "earthly" objects. Let yourself be carried away in this new, witty puppet and object show full of music, sound and beautiful puppetry. Be amazed by the live camera effects and recorded 'space' clips, along with some special effects. All techniques from this multimedia spectacle brings everthing closer to the world of children of our modern age.

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1983 - 2023

40 YEAR Vlinders & C°

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