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We are

Figure theater VLINDERS & C°
Autonomous figure theater

Founded in Beveren in 1983

+30 years International experience

Dozens of prizes and recognitions at home and abroad

4 years of television experience (RTBF)

For who

Puppet and figure theatre
for the most honest audience in the world



Primary school kids

We even have some productions for adults

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The artistic identity of Vlinders & Cº

is based on three basic principles


power of the imagination

The power of the imagination is central: the medium of puppet theater gives wings to the imagination and therefore allows us to push the boundaries of reality to the world of fantasy.



When elaborating our projects, we strive for accessibility, so that our spectators can recognize aspects of themselves or from their living environment in the created figures and fantasy world.


Integration with other art forms

The integration of other art forms forms an extra challenge and increases the artistic capacity, but we remain true to our roots of puppet theater within each performance. Although the puppet, figure or object remains central to the performance, a mixture with another art discipline is often pursued.

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What we do

We stick to it

Play wonderful performances

Using the power of the imagination

Make all performances as diverse as possible


1983 - 2023

40 YEAR Vlinders & C°

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