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Vlinders & C° presents:

The fisherman and the golden fish

+ 4 years or family show

Pushkin his Russian world heritage, almost non verbal brought on stage in a magical pop up setting with stop motion puppets

moving fascinates young and old

Classic of Russian literature

beautiful puppetry with the "stop motion" puppets

directed by the winner of 7 golden masks (highest theater award in Russia)


In Pushkin's poem, an old man and woman have been living poorly for many years. They have a small hut, and every day the man goes out to fish. One day he pulls out a golden fish. The fish pleads for its life, promising any wish in return. However, the old man is surprised and a little scared by the fact that a fish can speak; he says he does not want anything, and lets the fish go. When he returns and tells his wife about the golden fish, she gets angry and tells her husband to go ask the fish for a new wash tub, as theirs is broken, and the fish happily grants this small request. The next day, the wife asks for a new house, and the fish grants this also. Then, in succession, the wife asks for a palace, to become a noble lady, to become the ruler of her province, to become the tsarina, and finally to become the Ruler of the Sea and to subjugate the golden fish completely to her boundless will. As the man goes to ask for each item, the sea becomes more and more stormier, until the last request, where the man can hardly hear himself think. When he asks that his wife be made the Ruler of the Sea, the fish cures her greed by putting everything back to the way it was before, including the broken wash tub.

Who among us has been unfamiliar since his childhood with this famous story of Alexander Pushkin written in 1833? You read it as a child, or it was told to you, or you saw it for the first time in a cartoon on the television screen. The plot of the work is undoubtedly known to everyone: Being satisfied with what you have.


Now it can also be seen live performed by Figurentheater Vlinders & C °.All in a setting in which various surprising elements pup up. The performance is played with stop motion puppets.

As this performance is based on this original Russian world heritage everything but the Flemish actor is Russian or in Russian style:  the directing, the music, the design, the puppets, the dress, the music instrument Balalaika…

Practical Information


just a few words (can be translated in different languages) mostly non-verbal, a lot of sounds and music


+ 4 jaar and family

Ideal number of spectators

+/- 120.( can be changed according the circumstances )

Playing time

50-55 minuten


1 Speler (+ 1 technieker)

Set-up time

2 u - 2u30

Breakdown time

45 min



Playing surface

één effen vlak

Minimum playing area

ideaal: B: 8m D: 7m H: 3 m minimum: B: 6 m..D: 5.5 m H:2,6m


not necessary

Special requirements

If we come by plane we need some boxes to put our puppets on.



Alexander Pushkin


Dimitar Dimitrov


basis Evgeny Ibragimov + groepswerk


Evgeny Ibragimov


Slava Zubkov


Ronny Aelbrecht


Steven Hofman or Wannes Aelbrecht of....

Dolls, objects

Slava Zubkov

Light plan

Koen Dillien

Music composition/ Arrangements

Nikolay Yakimov

Lesson folder

Tine Mendonck/Annemie Brys ( CC Ter Vesten)


Tania Jooris

Logistical and material support

CC Ter Vesten Beveren

Special thanks

Wannes Aelbrecht ( set up technic-que lists) Gino Waem (Sound settings) Rudy Van Driescche (decor adjustments) Milly Jennes (retouche) Annemie De Maeyer (sewing aid)


1983 - 2023

40 YEAR Vlinders & C°

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