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Vlinders & C° presents:


4 - 8 years or family performance

This love story is portrayed with puppets in a 'book' with amazing scenes and pictures.

moving, captivates young and old

suitable for smaller spaces

can be played in different languages


Valentino, a frog, believes he is a prince because his mother always calls him "my little prince." He sets out on a journey in his car to find the princess he dreams of in a castle in the mountains.

Along the way, he has an accident with a bird whom he takes with him as his footman. As they journey together, the bird grows and grows until it becomes something unexpected.

Despite losing his illusion of being a prince, Valentino gains a friend or even a princess.

This heartwarming story is brought to life through the use of puppets in a "book" format, showcasing incredible scenes and pictures.



Valentino, the beloved puppet character, has performed at numerous events and festivals around the world, including:

  • International Puppet Busker Festival in Gent, Belgium
  • Pop en Top in Beveren, Belgium
  • Bailleul in France
  • Engelberg in Switzerland
  • 29th PIF world festival in Zagreb, Croatia
  • National-day Sofia in Bulgaria
  • Mednarodni lutkovni festival in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Vrhnika in Slovenia
  • Ikebukuro Ike-ike Puppetry Festival, Tokyo, Japan
  • Sakura, Yuki, Shinjuku City in Japan
  • 7th International Puppet Festival in Tehran, Iran
  • 3rd and 5th festival of marionette art in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Nax in Switzerland
  • 3rd International Puppet Festival in Quanzhou, China
  • 2nd festival of solo Puppeteers in Lodz, Poland
  • International Puppet Festival 100rd anniversary S. Obrazcov in Moscow, Russia
  • Theatre Babuschka in Eppingen, Germany
  • Tolosa: Titlirija 2002
  • Allecante: Festititeres 2002.

The international success of Valentino is a testament to the universal appeal of this charming and heartwarming character.


Valentino's remarkable performances have earned numerous prestigious awards and recognitions.

In August 1997, Valentino won the Golden Star First Price Children Jury Award at a competition in Slovenia, where 28 theaters from 12 countries participated.

In September 1998, Valentino received one of the 15 Golden 'Moubarak' Awards in Iran, out of 98 theaters, 80 of which were Iranian and 18 from abroad, representing 17 countries. The jury rapport cited the excellent quality of the performance, the deep human value beneath the performance, and the kindness of the theatre towards the audience.

In June 1999, Valentino was honored with the Special Jury Award at the 3rd Festival of Marionette Art in Prague, Czech Republic, for creative invention on the scene, where 29 theaters from 20 countries took part.

In June 2001, Valentino won the Best Actor Award at the 5th Festival of Marionette Art in Prague, Czech Republic, where 30 theaters from 21 countries participated. These accolades serve as a testament to Valentino's exceptional talent and universal appeal.

Practical Information


4 - 8 years or family performance

Ideal number of spectators


Maximum number of spectators


Playing time

50 minutes


1 player 1 technician

Set-up time


Breakdown time

50 minutes



Playing surface

one smooth surface

Minimum playing area

B: 3,5m D: 3,5m H:2,8m


not necessary, no stage = place children in ascending order so that all can see the play floor



story book of Burny Bos


Joris Jozef, Ronny Aelbrecht, Karel Van Ransbeeck


Small Puppet theatre, Bulgarije : Miroslav Tsvetanov - Dilyana Tsonova

Dolls, objects

Myriam Liénard, Ani Polarusz , Hannah Schwartz


Sofie Adamczyk


1983 - 2023

40 YEAR Vlinders & C°

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