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Vlinders & C° presents:

Oetsie poetsie

+2,5 years + family

A performance without language for everybody over aged 2,5 years with an open hart for fantasy and humour.

Simple and recognizable performance

Full of music, sound, rhythm, object theatre, and dance

No need for language comprehension, suitable for everyone aged 2.5 years and above

Open to fantasy and humor

High level of nonsense entertainment

Enjoyable, romantic, immersive performance experience


A man and a woman from a cleaning company come onto the theatre stage armed with real brooms, cloths, mops, drawers, and sweepers. These objects, however, become much more than just cleaning tools in Oetsie Poetsie. Through music, sound, rhythm, object theatre, and dance, the performers bring these everyday objects to life in a simple and recognizable performance.

This is a performance without any need for explanation or plot. It's an experience to be enjoyed, to be swept up in, to go through and undergo. With no spoken language, it's accessible to everyone over the age of 2.5 with an open heart for fantasy and humor. Oetsie Poetsie is a high-level, nonsensical performance that is sure to delight and surprise.

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1983 - 2023

40 YEAR Vlinders & C°

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