This charming and touching love-story is performed with puppets acting in a 'book ' that reveals incredible scenes and pictures.

Summary Valentino

Because his mama is calling him always "my little prince" Valentino,
the frog ,is convinced that he really is a prince.
He dreams of a princess who's waiting for him
in the castle in the mountains.
So he goes looking for her with his car.
When he leaves home he has an accident with a little bird.
He takes it with him as his footman. During the journey the bird eats a lot
and is growing, and growing until it becomes a..... When he returns ,
he has lost an illusion, but he has found "a friend or a princess"

This charming and touching love-story is performed with puppets acting in a 'book ' that reveals incredible scenes and pictures.


Valentino was f.e. performed on....
....International Puppet Busker Festival  -Figuero solo, Gent (Belgium)
....Pop en Top , Beveren(Belgium)
....Bailleul  (France)
....Engelberg (Switzerland)
....29th PIF worldfestival Zagreb (Croatia)
....National-day Sofia (Bulgaria)
....Mednarodni lutkovni festival in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Vrhnika
....Ikebukuro Ike-ike Puppetry festival, Tokyo, Japan
+ Sakura, Yuki, Shinjuku City - (Japan)
....7th International Puppetfestival Tehran(Iran)
....3rd and 5th festival of marionette art, Prague (Czech)
....Nax (Switzerland)
....3rd international Puppetfestival, Quanzhou (China)
.....2nd festival of solo Puppeteers, Lodz (Poland)
.....Int.Puppetfestival 100rd anniversary S. Obrazcov, Moscow (Russia)
....Theatre Babuschka, Eppingen (Germany )
....Tolosa : Titlirija 2002
.... Allecante : Festititeres 2002


*The golden star first price children jury award in Slovenia Aug. 1997*
(28 theatres from 12 countries)
*one of the 15 Golden 'Moubarak' awards in Iran Sept. 1998*
(98 theatres -80 Iran-18 abroad from 17 countries)
for (jury rapport):
- the excellent quality of the performance &
- the deep human value beneath the performance &
- the kindness of the theatre towards the audience
*Special jury award on 3rd festival of marionette art, Prague, Czech June
1999 For creative invention on the scene
(29 theatres - 20 countries)

Award for 'the best actor ',5th festival of marionette art Prague, Czech
June 2001 (30 theatres - 21 countries)

Valentino in China:

age: 4-8 or family

Practical Information Valentino

Age : + 4 years + family
Ideal number of spectators : 150
Language : Dutch or English or Spanish
Stage measures:
Ideal:          width: ...  depth: .....  height: ..
Minimum:        width: 3,5 m  depth: 3,5 m  height: 2,6m
Length of the performance: 50'
Setting-up time: 2.00 h
Striking time: 20'

This production can be transported by plane.

Co-Operators Valentino

Idea : story book of Burny Bos
illustrations : Hans de Beer
Scenario basis : Joris Jozef
working out : Ronny Aelbrecht ,Karel Van Ransbeeck
Scenografy : Small Puppet theatre Slon , Bulgaria
Miroslav Tsvetanov - Dilyana Tsonova (1st book )
New décor book: Milly Jennes - Ronny Aelbrecht
Puppets : Myriam Liénard
Play-table : Ronny Aelbrecht  - Jelle Luypaert
Music : Fio Van Steenlandt
Studio : Studio Rik Beker
scene : Karel Van Ransbeeck
manipulations : Sonja Vandermaelen
responsibility : Ronny Aelbrecht
Play : Ronny Aelbrecht
Technician : Milly Jennes
Pictures : Sofie Adamczyk
Flyer : Wendy Baerte
Welling : Rudy Van Driessche


Pictures Valentino