Summary Znork

What happens if a funny space creature accidentally lands on Earth? "Znork" his  crazy and super funny adventures you can see from June 11, 2021. A wordless performance with "one space puppet" and countless "earthly" objects. Let yourself be carried away by this new, witty performance with music, lots of sound and camera games.

Co-Operators Znork

Screenplay / script / improvisation game: Koen Crul

Director: Dimitar Dimitrov

Actor / Puppeteer / Technician: Ronny Aelbrecht

Puppets, Objects: Milly Jennes.

Video shooting: Kurt Van Vlem

Filming  techniques: Johan Aelbrecht

Light design: Koen Dillien

Music: composition / arrangements / recording / mixing: Gino Waem.

Studio: research / recording / mixing: Gino Waem.

Special thanks: Cultural activities premium Flanders

                       Cultural Center Beveren

                       Annemie De Maeyer ( sewing)

                       Geert Rossaert ( film screens)

                       Marc Van Mol ( technical support)



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Pictures Znork