Kim, the little black chick

Summary Kim, the little black chick

Amid many yellow chickens one little black chicken is born.. The chicken is immediately convinced that he is from another 'nest' is than the rest, and he is not accepted by  the farmer.  Which the yellow ones accept like their papa. So he goes in search of his true 'black' papa. Unfortunately, that is not with the dogs, cats, pigs ... Does he belong somewhere in? With the cunning fox perhaps, which after all is overjoyed  to meet the little black chicken. Kim can find a family? A story with twists and turns, a surprising ending, funny situations ... lots of music and only 2 real words ...

International: Kim the little black chicken was azlready performed in : China, Poland, Turkey, Thailand and The Netherlands

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Practical Information Kim, the little black chick

Age: ideal 2,5 - 6 years or family
Ideal number of spectators: 120
Maximum number:according to the venue
Duration : +/- 45 minutes
Cast:Ronny Aelbrecht
Darkning: yes please Lightdesign:Can be discussed according the venue  Outdoor: no 

Set: one equal level place
Space: ideal: W: 8 m D: 7 m H: 4 m minimum: W: 6 m..D: 6 m H: 3 m
Podium:niet necessary, best = children on a tribune or in tribune made order
Set up: 1,5 till 2 hours
Pull down: 20-30 minutes

This production fits in two suitcases

Co-Operators Kim, the little black chick

Scenario: teamwork

Actor: Ronny Aelbrecht 

Technician: Steven Hofmans or...

Director: Aleksander Curcic ( Teatro Plus)

Scenographer: Olga Curcic (Teatro Plus)

Puppets + drawing: Olga Curcic

Lightdesign: light technicianr CC Ter Vesten:  Koen Dillien 

Composer/ Arrangements: Gino Waem ( Maanzaad)

Tips for Kindergarten: Tine Mendonck/Annemie Brys ( CC Ter Vesten)

Logisitc and material support: CC Ter Vesten Beveren

Kim, the little black chick

Pictures Kim, the little black chick